Lost cell phone - Reward!

My cell phone, a black Samsung flip phone, seems to disappeared while I was biking to the Dana building on Central Campus yesterday. I had it in a black leather belt holster, which probably fell off of my belt. It is likely somewhere between Dana and the corner of E. Kingsley St./N. Thayer St. It is also possible, but much less likely that I lost it near the Ross School of Business. If you find it, please let me know, as I would be most grateful for its return.

Pirate Secret Santa Epic Post

I am a regular user of the website It's a sort of digital posterboard full of links to news items, pictures, video clips, and other bits and pieces of the internet. As a user, I can click a little up or down arrow next to each link, to indicate whether or not I like the link or think it's newsworthy, or whatever other criteria might be important to me. Billions of characters of digital ink is spilled every day in the discussion threads which attend each link. From this, a sort of global online community of users has emerged.

This year, someone came up with the crazy idea of doing a site-wide "Secret Santa" project. I signed up to participate, and agreed to send a gift to two different randomly selected users (I could sign up for up to three). I was given their mailing address, genders, and any instructions (e.g. allergies, color preferences, etc.) they cared to leave to help their Secret Santas. Creativity, local flavor, and home-made craftiness was encouraged. The exchange was so successful, it even made the news. All told, over 4500 users from 54 countries sent over 5000 gifts. Check out the gallery... I don't think I'll ever lack for creative gift ideas again!

Since this happened during my final exam period, I regret that my gifts were somewhat lacking in creativity and personality. I sent each a copy of one of my favorite books of all time-one that changed my life-The Story of B. Along with each, I included a custom bookmark and a seashell (which has relevance to the story).

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Shortly after shipping off my gifts, one of mine arrived. Unlike myself, my Secret Santa chose to identify himself by his username, which enabled me to thank him personally. This post is part of that thank-you. So, here's to you, reddit user "Hellafun"--you lived up to your namesake!

Boy, he sent a big box. I wonder what's inside?

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Meanwhile, the tracking information for the second gift coming to me says that it was delivered. Sadly, it's nowhere to be found. It may have been delivered to the wrong address... will look into this right away. Stay tuned.

My second gift arrived! Jubilation!

Nostalgia like whoah

A stroll through my Facebook photos just made me all misty-eyed over the time I spent in Bloomington.

Damn, I miss you guys.

You know who you are.

Back to studying... two more exams to go, and I'll be done for the semester on Friday.
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Attention foodies: Kimchi

I have about 10 pounds of amazing home-made kimchi. Long story short: my the mother of my friend Ji-Hye came into town to visit, and taught a short workshop on how to make kimchi.

However, the fish sauce she used is a fair sight more fishy than I'm used to. Or, perhaps she simply used the correct amount of fish sauce for the Korean palate. Either way, I've got a boatload of kimchi that has only one flaw: too fishy.

Any bright ideas about what I can do to make it more palatable? Better yet, does anyone know any winning recipes using kimchi that would take a bit of the bite out of it?